Why Choose to Book Accommodation at Sleep Express Motel

Are you looking for a place to stay in Homebush Olympic Park? If that is the case, you should check out Sleep Express Motel. This motel is just around the area and the good thing about this is it is really quite affordable when to think, it is furnished with everything you possibly need.

There are so many reasons why you should choose Sleep Express Motel and here are the room accomodation they have;

Double rooms this type of accommodation is perfect for 1 to 2 people. Most of it are refurbished with new beds. It has 1 queen bed. If you have kids under three years old, they are free in this type of accommodation.

You can check their online link to find out more about this accommodation or you can also give them a call.

Twin Rooms this type of room is with two single beds and is best for two people. If you are traveling with a friend or maybe your partner, this should be good for you. It is furnished with the same luxuries like new beds and more.

Triple Rooms if you are with a friend or two planning to watch a concert, then this room is perfect for you. You can choose whether you will have the room with three single beds or with a bed plus 1 queen bed. This is also furnished with the same luxurious amenities.

You can also request for an in-room wi-fi for an extra charge.

Small Family Rooms this is best for those who are traveling with the entire family. The good thing with their family rooms is that they actually have two interconnecting rooms so that you and your wife can still have privacy. It will be just like a home away from home with the same luxurious amenities as the other rooms.

Their family rooms can accommodate 4 people and children under three years old are still free of charge. Here they have 2 single beds plus one queen bed.

Large Family Rooms this is still with two adjoining rooms but as the term implies, this is larger and can accommodate 6 people. You will enjoy their 4 single beds plus a queen bed and for just $7 per head, you can already enjoy continental breakfast.

Quad Rooms this can accommodate 4 people. They have 2 single beds plus a queen bed. This is best when you are traveling with friends to enjoy a sporting event in Sydney.

This type of accommodation is also furnished with the same luxurious amenities and kids under three years old are free.

These are just some of the reasons why Sleep Express Motel is the most budget-friendly accommodation one can book into when planning to enjoy Homebush Olympic Park. After enjoying the sporting events in this city, you can have a good rest in Sleep Express Motel.

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