What You Need To Know About Industrial Deafness

What are Industrial Deafness? It is the most common form of hearing loss that most workers that are working in noisy surroundings like the factory and construction workers are suffering from Industrial Deafness. People who are exposed to over 85 decibels of sounds everyday are most likely prone to hearing loss.

How to know if you are suffering from Industrial deafness? Aside from working in a noisy environment if you are experiencing these following symptoms consult a doctor immediately.

If you notice noise reduction few hours after your work, and if you hear something ringing in your ear even if there is no bell ringing, difficulty in hearing someone you are talking to, difficulty in understanding phone conversation or do you often miss a telephone rings or doorbell rings? Well, you probably need to consult a doctor because these are a few symptoms of having an Industrial Deafness.

This kind of hearing loss has no medical procedure because it is permanent and irreversible there is no cure for this, but there are companies in New South Wales that gives free consultation and hearing aids for workers.

The most common industries that can cause Industrial Deafness are formwork construction, electrical, plumbing, mining and engineering, factories, agriculture and farm operators, railway workers, heavy machine operators, airline industry, manufacturing and many more companies that are using huge machines that releases more than 85 decibels of noise.

There are ways to prevent having this kind of hearing loss, having a protection to your ear can reduce the noise but you need to wear them properly. An ear defender looks like a headphone needs the ear to be very snug to prevent the external noise from coming in.

Earplugs are the most common type of ear protection, it can be re-usable, of disposable, the problem with this is if it is not plugged correctly with the right angle and depth there will be still a noise leakage that can still cause damage to your ear.

Semi-Aural Inserts are similar to ear plugs, but cannot handle more than 87 decibels, it is usually fitted with a band that can go around the neck.

Our hearing sense is really important that is why you should always protect your ears to prevent this kind of situation or if you already have this kind of hearing loss better get a hearing aid, there are specialist in that offers 30 day free trial of hearing aid, it is more convenient because you can sign up for hearing tests online consultation.