What You Must Do Before a Video Production

Did you know that the most successful business spends the most time in planning? Well, now you know. Video production is not an exception for the need for planning if at all you are aiming at providing the best video services. In fact, you need to spend 60-70 percent of your time planning on how you’ll spend your filming, editing and revision time. You can call the process, pre-production.

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Below are things that you must do before your video production.

You need to visualize the end product. Have in mind your audience, the message they need to hear and why, how you will portray the message, the length of the video. Do you aim at creating awareness to your audience or is it for entertainment? If you know all this, you are a step ahead to a great video.

Now that you have clarity of your finished product, you need a detailed written script, that will act as guidance towards your mission. This will also help you ensure that you point out the main agenda in your video. You wouldn’t want a scenario where your video production is known for lack of flow.

What are the things that will enhance my message to ensure my audience comprehends what I am saying? Can you answer that? This is called creating the story board that will draw your visual concepts home.

After you have created a story board, organize a shot list on a separate document as it helps minimize set up and location time when filming. The question you will need to answer is the type of shot that you want and the number of people you are shooting.

So, now that have your visual elements and content, it is easier to look for the best suited equipment. This is because you understand what your project requires. If it is a big project such as film production you definitely know that you have to invest in the best equipment. Ways to get required equipment include, renting one or buying your if you can afford.

When your equipment are at hand, ensure that you understand how they function for example if it’s a camera, read instruction, check the functionality of all parts of the camera such as the sound quality, lighting and practice, to better results. Check for other complementary equipment such as audio recorder, tripod stand and external memory card. Ensure the camera battery is charged, you can also have extra batteries to play safer.

Now, you are good to go with your video production Sydney process.