What to Look for in Photo Booth Hire

Time to add fun to any party, hire a photo booth and let your guests take turns in creating the most unique and hilarious poses that they can think of. To make sure that you get the most out of the photo booth hire, consider the tips below in choosing a photo booth:

1) Size of the photo booth- it is advisable (and more fun) if the photo booth hire can accommodate eight to ten persons. The more people that can fit in a booth, the more fun the picture-taking is. However, the size of the photo booth must not be a hindrance to the entrance or hallways. Take note of the weight of the photo booth hire. It should not be too heavy so it can be brought to the upper floors.

2) Take note of the quality of the prints. Look at the catalogue and see if the pictures are crisp and if they can be enlarged. Take note of the kind of printer they use. The dye-sublimation printers produce better quality pictures than inkjet printers. The former has a UV coating that will not cause the pictures to fade, aside from the pictures are finger-print and water-resistant. Thus, pictures are more lasting.

3) Props- photo booth hire can also add some props, depending on your budget. You just need to add few more bucks and you and your guests can add another layer of fun. Some of the props are tiara, hats, funny glasses, among others. Some can also offer projector and screen so all the pictures can be displayed towards the end of the party. The guests can view in a slide form the many pictures that are taken in the photo booth hire.

4) Picture layout- choices must be varied when it comes to picture layout. It will also be more fun if there are different backdrops to choose from.

5) Thumb drive- some photo booth hire offers giving each guest a copy of the pictures taken and these are stored in a thumb drive. It is a nice way to have a copy of this thumb drive as a remembrance from the party.

6) Easy to use- lastly, the photo booth hire must be user-friendly, even to the senior citizens. It must have a touch screen interface so anyone can find it easy to use.

The photo booth can be the life of a party, rent one and have a party that your guests will rave about.