Updated Guide To Buying Security Doors

Always know what you want before you actually have what you want. This may sound confusing but all it means is know what you wish for. Having been experienced in the security door business for about 7 years and counting, we as a company feel that buyers have to know a thing or two about these doors before buying. That is what home security doors Perth will provide you with.

Things You Have To Look Out For!

Generally, there are set standards which have to follow in the design of electric doors. This is why the best thing to do is break the bigger “security door” feature into the abstracted components and talks of each in details. So, without further ado, let’s get started with our analysis. So, each component below is described in terms of the anticipated standards for its design.


No matter the case, the frame should always be steel or aluminum if not better than these two. Basically, from the analysis of many industrial experts, it has been proven that properly forged security doors are considered the most effective ones. So, probe for either of these two options always.

The Infill

Normally, this section will tend to allow an array of somewhat rigid options for the task. Thus, here, you will have to make sure that the choice is one of these at least.

 Aluminum grille
Stainless steel mesh
 Structural grade aluminum perforated sheet.

One on the above listing may do the job just fine.

Choice Of Grilles

Normally, always make sure that the grilles on the locks are thick. Along these lines, it is also important to know that even the strongest of grilles is not worthy if not riveted well in place. This is why you have to second the grille with riveting, screw clamps or welding.


It is important to always make sure that the security doors which you are eying have at least three hinge pins which are firmly fixed and irremovable. For instance, you might have a fixed steel pin which is welded onto the hinge rather than mere pressing for ascertained security.


Unlike the normal door key locks, this specific lock must have five-pin cylinder, if not better. Normally, it is important to make sure that the security doors variety you are provided with don’t have wafers as these can be removed. Rather probe for the latter feature.

Corrosion Resistant

In Australia, one of the home security doors standards is the non-corrosive feature. This means that even if a door meets all of the above set requirements it has to also be corrosion resistant. This will save you a lot mostly if you live near the sea where this issue is adamantly inherent.

Extent To Customization

Naturally, there is the rule that these doors should be fully customizable. This means that there should not be one way to skin a cat with these doors. There has to be alternatives which are open to the installation of these doors always.

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