Types of Shutters

Technically, there are only two types of Shutters. These are interior and exterior window coverings; such that describes where they are used or installed; one is installed inside and the other outside a window, a door or any opening of that sort.

These Shutters are often seen in windows and doors, providing additional protection or covering. Often used to control shade of light or air from passing thru the said opening, with the use of a control or tilt rod which controls the louvers like that of a car air conditioning lovers. This will help you conserve and preserve the overall make of your homes, from floor and wall finish to your furniture and appliances as well. This is the best way for you to keep them always protected.

Interior Shutters are often hinged on either side of a window or a door, again, to control the air or light that enters a room. Framed louvers that allow to fully shutting it like that of air ventilations. There are some that are made of a solid plank of wood. Either way, purpose remains the same, to provide privacy, extra security or added safety from outer elements like wind, snow, rain or sunlight.

window shutters

Construction and design of Shutters nowadays may be from different materials, old ones that are made of wood are now considered to use alternative materials due to the scarcity of wood and the move towards preserving trees. Apart from these reasons, the use of fiberglass materials in exchange of wood provide longer lifespan, given the characteristic of fiberglass, it can withstand heat, cold, does not warp neither will corrosion or rotting be a problem to it. Wood tend to rot over years of exposure to extreme weather conditions or climate exposure, and aluminum on the other hand is prone to corrosion and damage caused by the common problem of metallic materials like that of electrolysis.

As how interior Shutters are designed, the same design and construction is applied to exterior Shutters. Using different styles and designs will not just serve users with their different purposes but it could accessorize your windows at the same tine.

Choosing different designs and styles would surely enhance the overall look of your homes, offices or wherever you want to place them. You could definitely choose from variety of Shutters you could choose online or home or office depots. You could have it personalize or customize according to your taste.