Tools And Techniques Used For Concrete Cuttings

Concrete is one of the most durable materials used for the construction of buildings. As it is very hard so concrete cutting and drilling is very difficult task. But with the development of technology, it is no more a hard nut to crack. Many advanced tools have been developed for cutting of concrete. Many tools are now used for cutting and grinding of concrete which includes diamond saw blades, Abrasive corundum masonry blades, Core Drills, Flat Saws, Wall Saws and Wire Saws. Among all of them, diamond saw blades are selected as the best choice which is very easy to use in a most effective way. They provide complete safety and clean concrete cutting.

While doing concrete cutting appropriate and sharp tools are required along with the good supply of all the equipment and an appropriate operator. While operating the equipment for concrete cutting one must have plenty of knowledge about the features and functions of the machine as well some hazards may occur during the operation. According to the type of construction project, one must have enough knowledge that which type of equipment is being used for concrete cutting. This would work well only in case of professional dealings. Because there are many factors that need attention to process a safe concrete cutting project.


Several technologies are applied for concrete cutting that was in accordance with the project requirements. Here are some techniques which are applied for concrete cutting.

Core Drilling:

Core drilling is used when there is the need to make the most precise holes. This can be used for the formation of pipe’s exists or for other ventilating and air conditioning vents to make them fit through. In this method, steel tubes are used which have diamond-tipped bits at their one end and also used for collecting concrete samples.

Diamond Drilling:

Diamond drilling is comparatively fast but quite expensive cutting technique. It requires less no of operators and it is also capable of cutting various types of metals used in the construction process. They are less harmful to the environment and the other part of the floor as it is very noiseless and produce least no of vibrations as compared to other drilling and cutting equipment.

Wire Sawing

They are used for the large-scale cutting projects of concrete. It is used when all other methods fail to work. Wire sawing consists of wires which have multi-stranded a cable constitutes small diamond segments aligned through a hydraulic wheel. When these wheels pull the cable the wire rotates and cut the concrete material.

Flat Drilling

This method of concrete cutting is used to cut concrete from the flat surfaces, like bridge platforms and floors. It is also called slab sawing. While using this technique the equipment is mounted on a cart and they push forward. This process is normally used to seek an approach to the under concrete broken pipes and cutting the plumbing tunnels.