Tips To Help You Get The Best Carpet Cleaners

Rugs are a great addition to the house. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the home flooring, complement the décor and create a warm space to step on. However, due to the fact that they come into contact with the feet a lot, rugs need regular cleaning. When you are thinking about getting reliable carpet cleaners, you need to consider the following factors.

The cleaning method that the carpet cleaners will use

There are several methods that are used to clean carpets. Unfortunately, not all rug types will react well to all the cleaning options. Here are some guidelines that can be helpful in choosing the correct cleaning method.

Cleaning velvet rugs: these are rugs made from synthetic fibers that are slightly twisted. They come in a variety of colors that are ideal for hiding stains when they occur. These rugs can easily be vacuumed, which makes them very easy to maintain. However, if the carpet cleaners are going to do steam cleaning on a velvet rug, they should make use of the lowest temperature possible because high temperatures ruin the fibers of the carpet.

Cleaning cut and loop carpets: These carpets are very popular especially for the parts of the house that have a high traffic of feet. They are therefore prone to getting stains and accumulating lots of dirt. They need regular vacuuming in order to remove the dirt that gets logged in the uncut loops. Steam cleaning is not advised for this carpet type because it takes too long to dry. If it must be done, you must ensure that the cleaners have given enough time for the carpet to dry up completely. Remember that retained moisture leads to issues such as growth of mold or rotting of the yarns that make the rug. This ultimately ruins the quality of the rug.

Care for Berber Rugs: This type of rug contains very many uncut loops. Regular cleaning is a great way to ensure that dirt does not get logged in the uncut loops. On the other hand shampooing this rug type is discouraged. This is because the carpet is quite heavy and does not dry up easily.

These are some of the things that you need to consider when choosing carpet cleaners. You should ask the cleaners about the cleaning equipment that they have before you give out your carpets to them. This will help you avoid getting your carpet ruined. It will also assure you of a clean and healthy home.

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