Tips To Consider Before Hiring A Photo Booth

Hiring wedding photo booth Perth is a great deal of fun at any party, for both you and your guests. The most popular parties that photo booth hire are used for are weddings receptions, and birthday parties. While keeping your guest entertained and happy with a photo booth hire is easy, hiring one is a little more work. Other than finding one that is in your budget, there are other things that you need to consider when you are selecting a photo booth hire that you are going to book for your party. If you want the photo booth to be a hit, here are some tips that you will need to consider when choosing a photo booth hire option.

Prop Collection

One of the biggest appeals of a photo booth company should be the amount of props and costumes that they have available to use. Having props and costumes can help make more people want to take more photos, and will add fun or silly elements to the photos, making each one special. Some people and party hosts will have a contest to see who can create the silliest photos. The wider the range of props and costumes that the photo booth has, the longer guests are going to experiment and have fun. Funny hats, silly wigs and huge glasses are some of the must have props for a photo booth.

Think About Your Guests

Before you hire a photo booth for your party, make sure that the photo booth is right for your guests. Think about who is going to be using it. There are some photo booths that are handicap accessible. Also, think about the props that are used in the photo booth. If there are going to children at the party, you need to make sure that you have child appropriate photo booth props. Children prefer more crazy and funny items, whereas elderly guests will prefer frames and top hats. So, try to have a mixture to keep everyone happy.

Look at Samples

Before you make your selection, you should ask to see sample photos first. Seeing samples will allow you to see how clear the picture and photo print quality is. There are some rental photo booth companies that charge the same amount as other companies; however, their photos have a lower print quality. Always ask to see samples before you hire any company. If the company will not allow you to see real photo samples, and only samples online, or no samples at all, you should look at hiring another company.