Tips in Buying Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have many benefits and one of which is the amount of money that you can save from your monthly electric bills. The window and door shutters can provide insulation and shade during summer and winter months. By closing the shutter or controlling the louver, the amount of light that penetrates inside the house is controlled. Thus, the use of electricity for air conditioners and heater is reduced.  Moreover shutters are great way to provide privacy to the home owners. There are many types of Plantation shutters to choose from and the materials vary depending on the look that you want for your home and the budget.

Types of wood

There are different kinds of wood that are used for manufacturing door and window shutters. If real woods are used, the cost of the shutter can be pretty expensive. There are different tree species that are used for manufacturing plantation shutters and one of which is the cherry wood which provides a reddish color while the oak wood provides a dark brown shade. The real wood needs regular maintenance such as painting as the weather can make the wood color fade.

But if you still want the look of wood minus the price, then you can opt for the poly plantation shutters. These are made from engineered wood substitute and provided the natural look of wood but without the maintenance issues of wood such as the constant re-painting. Unlike real wood, poly shutters will not warp nor crack over a period of time.


The louvers are the slats in the plantation shutters and these are used for controlling the amount of light that will penetrate the building. The sizes vary from 2 ½ to 4 ½ inch louvers. The smaller slats or louvers are more expensive than the larger ones as more materials are used for making smaller louvers.


Plantation shutters can be custom-made according to the size of the windows and doors and also according to the design of the house. The shapes of the shutters can be custom-made into arch, angular, among others.  Some shutters are also made from floor to ceiling while others are café style meaning the top portion of the window is kept shutter-free.


Depending on the manufacturer where you bought the shutter, some plantation shutters can be installed by them while some are to be installed by the building owners. There is a detailed instruction as to the process of installation.