Tips from Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet can easily get dirty especially if there are children and pets at home. Regular vacuuming cannot remove the deep-seated dust that has penetrated the deep layers of the carpet fiber. You need to hire Carpet cleaning services to make your home a dwelling place free from allergens that come from the carpet.

What you can learn from your friendly carpet cleaner

1) For your everyday cleaning, you can use carpet powder to remove stains and odors that come from the carpet. It is recommended over carpet shampoos because you do not have to dry the carpet.

2) Carpet cleaning services personnel will tell you that salt can be a safer option to clean your carpet. Salt can remove deep-seated dirt while baking soda is effective in removing the foul smell of the carpet.

3) If your kids placed a chewing gum on the carpet, you can safely remove it by hardening the gum with ice cubes. Once the gum has hardened, you can safely remove it without causing any damage on the carpet.

4) For natural stains that come from food, your friendly carpet cleaning services will tell you that you can use warm water mixed with detergent or white vinegar. This concoction is very effective in removing food stains. For coffee and red wine stains, you can clean it with a soda water.

5) For oily stains, you may need to use an iron to soften the stain. Place a soft cloth on top of the stained portion of the carpet and press the iron on it. The oily particles will transfer from the carpet to the soft cloth.

What to look for in carpet cleaning services

1) Ask them as to what kind of detergents they use. Some chemicals are too strong and can cause allergic reactions to susceptible individuals. Be sure that they only use environment-friendly detergents. In some areas, these detergents have a seal of safety.

2) Quotations are not based on per room but on the size of the room basis.

3) Ask if the personnel have received special training on cleaning and handling the carpet.

4) Ask the carpet cleaning services if they use deep vacuuming prior to shampooing the carpet. The deep vacuuming can make a big difference in the outcome of the cleaning process.

5) Lastly, let them inspect the place and give you the amount for the cleaning process.