Things to Remember When House Raising

Sometimes, when the house you build in is in a flooded area, it would be too late to do anything when storm comes in. These days, typhoon or storm surge should already be expected. You need to prepare especially if you do not want to flood your house and get your things damage. You do not also want to transfer and just leave the house you built. The best thing that you can do is to make structural changes on it. House raising or house lifting is one of the best methods to prepare your house from flood damage.

House raising is a process of separating the foundation from the building or the main house. House raising is used in different ways and purpose. It could be for a structural transfer or part of a house renovation like adding another story. When the house is raised, it is screws and hydraulic jacks are temporarily use to elevate it so workers can start their job on the space made.

If you have a house project or wanting to build a house, then you need to know some of these tips so you can avoid the danger of being too late when your area is flooded.

Know the flood zone:

You need to determine the geographic area your house will be constructed. You need to know if it’s a flooded zone. You can ask for help from home builder or you can look at FEMA links. It is important to know this so you would be able to know what foundation is required and how you can raise it. If by any chance you are in a FEMA V zone, then you must comply certain measures to prevent possible house flooding and damage.



Space to move:

If it’s been determined that you need to elevate your house then you must have a space where to move it temporarily. If no space is available, then another measure is to be use which is the application of some equipment.

This equipment might come with great expense.

Ask professionals:

House raising is a work for the professional contractor in Brisbane. It’s not a job anyone can do. It involves a lot of calculation and planning. It may come with great expense, but it would be worth it. You can try to seek help from companies specializing this stuff or engineers with lots of experience.

Price :

The cost to raise the house depends on how far it was raised. The cost can be budgeted around $30,000 to $100,000.  The range is quite big because of the details that might be needed when raising. The higher it is raised, the more materials needed, the greater the cost.

Just remember that there are times that the benefit outweighs the price. The damage of the flood can do to your house is much more upsetting and costly. You can always make plans ahead of time, watch news or weather report for upcoming storm surge and typhoons. Do not wait for experience, it’s bad and unwise.