Thing To Check When Buying A New Air Conditioner

There are times where we just want to purchase a new air conditioner probably because we can finally adjust our budget towards higher electric bills, if we need to replace our old one, or maybe because it’s ridiculously hot during the summer. Air conditioning systems are known to be valuable to a lot of residents nowadays, and it’s also considered as a must to have in some areas.

However, we need to check out some important factors to consider before we proceed in purchasing that new model you saw in the mall last time. With these factors to keep in mind before making a purchase, rest assured that hiring air conditioning Brisbane will be able to wisely save you from buying a new air conditioning unit. But if you really want to replace the old one and buy a new unit, here are the following things to consider:

Purchase or Not?

This is the first thing that you need to note because your old air conditioning unit might perform at peak condition if repaired. If you haven’t considered undergoing air conditioning repair, it’s best to seek the help of a specialist who can do it. Otherwise, if you already asked for help, then it’s time to finally get your old unit replaced with a brand new one instead.

Check the BTU

The British Thermal Units is an extremely important part when getting the perfect unit for your needs. Make sure that it matches the amount of square feet inside your house so then you can say that the unit can affect all of the area where it will be installed.


The space of your desired room is extremely important because we also want you to save some energy. If you’re going to use an air conditioning unit on a small bedroom, be sure to purchase a small unit only as it will provide enough coolness in the room already.


The air conditioning unit that you will purchase must provide efficiency in all means necessary. It’s because these units are proven to be expensive for your electric bills in the long run, and it’s an inevitable fact. Gladly, you can at least find one that will provide efficiency to your energy usage. Look at the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio on the device – where above 15 is the best. Units that have SEER ratings of below 15 can cause you a lot of money in your electric bills – especially on older models.

Price and Warranty

The price and warranty always matter when it getting the right product. Imagine the fact that electric bills will surely go up with the use of an air conditioner. That’s why you should canvass wisely for the right unit, and at the same time look if the warranty will also last long. Warranty matters for it can save you from air conditioning repair costs.

Shutters can help provide air ventilation in your home.