The Role of a Gas Fitter vs. a Plumber

A gas fitter and a plumber have different kinds of qualifications.There are job roles that only a fitter can do which a plumber cannot, and vice-versa. Still, their duties tend to overlap. Meanwhile, there are certain kinds of plumbers that can perform both the jobs of a fitter and a plumber. This depends on their level of certification.

The main job of a fitter is to ensure that gas appliances  in a household or commercial building are well-functioning and safe to use. These include ovens and heaters. Listed below are some of the important works they do:

  • They install, repair, and maintain appliances such as ovens and home heaters. For areas that have gas lines, they maintain the lines in order to prevent accidents.
  • They inspect and repair items that are defective.
  • If there are explosions, a fitter is called by the local government to assist in the investigation.
  • They are the right people who can give advice on the correct way of using gas appliances to prevent fire and explosions from happening.
  • If you want to save money on gas, the fitter is also the person who can help you convert your appliances to utilise natural fuel.
  • They are also trained on how to read and interpret blueprints. So, if there is a need to study or understand the piping system, they can be called to help.

Types of gas fitters

There are basically two types of fitters- the first class and the second class. The first class can handle all kinds of equipments while the second class can only handle equipments that are below 400,000 BTUs.

Important skills

The first vital skill is knowing how to read and comprehend layouts and blueprints. They need to be good on this as not all homes the same type of plumbing layout. Second is the numeracy skill which is about making the correct measurements. If they fail to use a gadget properly because of wrong measurement, it can result to further damage. Lastly is being skilled at problem solving and making critical decisions.

Thus, the role of a fitter is a delicate job. Any mistake can result to a fire or explosion.

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