The Clean Carpet Guide

Carpet is one of the most essential house accessories and hence its hygiene is vital. Poor carpet hygiene leads to accumulation of dirt, food particles, dust and crawling dust insects; the most common of this are dust mites, food particles encourages cockroaches. Dust mites feces evoke immunological reaction resulting in allergy. Dust could exacerbate symptoms of asthma. Carpets are sewed with material and design that rarely shows any dirt in that it absorbs dirt; therefore regular carpet cleaning is the only surest way of getting rid of hidden dirt and dust. Another necessity for regular cleaning and keeping the carpet in high hygiene levels is that most children like to crawl on the carpet hence exposing them to high risk of contracting dirt/dust-related illness.

This cleaning should, therefore, be done with high precision to ensure that the carpet is free of these unwanted harmful elements.



Cleaning procedure

It is recommended that professionals handle this cleaning rather than it being cleaned by ordinary people with no proper knowledge. These professionals perform this job in the following steps to ensure proper cleaning:

a)    Pre-Inspection: before the start of cleaning process, these cleaners will inspect to determine carpet dirt condition. This is to enable the, decide on the most efficient method and chemicals to apply in cleaning. This inspection provide opportunity for him to let the client know if there are any permanent stains and to discuss prices depending on the condition of the carpet.

b)    Pre-vacuuming: a vacuum cleaner is use to remove solid particles, dry soil and dust.

c)    Furniture moving: sofas and tables are then removed from the carpet. This is necessarily as they could impede carpet cleaning process. The cleaner will, then later on, place chips and blocks on the carpet over which the furniture would be placed. This will ensure uniform drying of the carpet.

d)    Pre-spraying and pre-conditioning: treatment of the carpet is done with special chemical especially on traffic areas and tough spot areas so that these spots are loosened. Pre-spraying helps break down oil and sticky substances on the carpet. This process enhances the cleaning process.

e)    The actual cleaning: at this level soil, oil and sticky substance have been loosened and are then extracted with hot water under pressure using a machine known as carpet cleaning machine.  At the same time, this machine softens the carpet.

f)    Post spot treatment and grooming: if some spots become resilient during cleaning, special treatment is applied to possibly remove them.  The carpet pile is groomed to allow quick drying and make it attractive.

g)    Post-inspection:  this is where the cleaning technician and the client inspect the outcome of the cleaning service. This is where the owner suggests a future improvement.

When carpet cleaning is done regularly and in the right manner, the prevalence of allergic immunological reaction to dust reduces and health improves. Children can play in the carpet and remain safe from illness. For these reasons, a healthy household requires a hygienic carpet.