The Advantages of Security Screens

Are you anxious about your security at your home or apartment? Are you still in doubt to install security screens for your home? This time, we will be looking at some of the numerous benefits that security screens can provide you and to your home as well.


One of the most significant advantages of installing security screens is that it provides security at home. As what the name suggests, security screens are intended to advance the security of your home’s external doors. While you are choosing your security screens to increase the security at your home, you should consider one of the following:

Stainless steel screen:

The most common type of security screens is tagged as vinyl. However, if you’re looking for a security door, a stronger material can provide better security such as aluminum or stainless steel.

Strong frame:

Security screens with steel or wrought iron frame will provide extra protection from home invasion attempts. Additionally, their life span is much longer compared to less costly security screens with plastic or wood frames.

Non-removable pin hinges:

These will help stop invasion attempts to avoid your security screens.

Heavy-duty keyed locks:

If you want maximum protection, ensure that security screens have heavy-duty keyed deadbolt.

Security screens also provide you the convenience and beauty of a window with the security of an external door. They bring natural, beautiful light and give proper ventilation in your home, giving your more comfort.

Security screens also add value to your home. Nowadays, there is already a broad selection of styles and colors to compliment and match with your home’s decorations. You can look for security screens at your local home improvement shop or find a company that has special services like custom-made designed security screens. Check out Starlinesecurity!

In addition to this, security screens also help you save money in your utility expenses. Remember that about half of the electricity bill is charged to air conditioning and heating, this security magnetic fly screens can really help you reduce your costs, especially during warmer seasons. You can open your front door and let the cool breeze in your home. To avoid sunlight, you may use custom blinds. Additionally, this will lessen the need to switch on your air conditioning. When it’s cold winter season, you can easily replace your security screens with glass panels. This will generate an insulating layer between your external door and security screens, which will lessen the heat loss and save you money out from heating expenses.

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