Termites – How to Look for Termite Inspector

“Termites are really disgusting and the damage they can create can really incur a large sum of money for repair of the parts of the house that they have infested. That is why it is very necessary that you will hire a licensed pest control officer who is trained, skilled and certified in doing the job of inspecting, controlling and exterminating the termites at your home or office.

When hiring a termite inspector it is also given that you need to also check on the company where the inspector is connected. The company should be a licensed pest control company that has a reputable record and has positive reviews as to handling termite control activities. When quoting the services for controlling termites, free inspection must be done first before quotation is given. If the company asks you for payment, you better look for another company.

termite-treatmentThe inspection is done so the treatment method is ensured that it is appropriate to the kind of termite infestation detected in your home or office. Your needs for termite control may be different from the rest so the inspector cannot just iron it out and make an estimate on the termite treatment cost without inspecting the area.


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The termite control company should give you a service warranty. Look for a company that will offer free services when the infestation happens again in a certain period of time outside the period that is being promised that termite treatment will remain effective. Make sure that you ask on whether the company will make free follow-ups as to the possible recurrence of infestations. Termites may behave in different ways depending on the structure and the area where they thrive. The offer of long term guarantee from a company is what you need to look for.

When the termite inspector goes to your house, he checks on your home’s termite infestation like wood damage, exit holes of termites, and their droppings. He will inspect all the parts of the structures. If he is certified inspector, he will identify not only the termites but also other types of pests; activities of termites; best methods of control like knowing where the bait station should be; and treatment needed while considering the regulations of the state on the use of pest control products.

The best company is just within your locality. Ask your neighborhood or search online to find the right one and be hassle-free from infestations of termites.