Tips on Removing Termites Like a Real Termite Control Service

Termites are known to be one of the pests that can effectively infest your home in large families, and they are known to be the most damaging pests that can ever visit your house and stay at it. They might not be the type of pests that are looking for the same food that we love to eat just like mice and roaches. But they are extremely dangerous because they aim for wood, and this means that it can damage the very structure of your house if we neglect it.



There are different types of termites, but it’s a good thing to know that there are tips that you can follow in order for you to perform the right termite control methods that are fit for all types of termites that can infest your beloved abode. If you want to learn the methods that these expert termite control services can do, then just take note and apply these very simple tips that you need. Here are as follows:

Check for Signs First

The first thing that you should take note about is the signs whether there are actual termites roaming around your home or not. If there are some mud tunnels around the wooden hardware such as beams, then that means there are some in it already.

There are also some that might leave some wings around your home, and this is good to check out as well. There are some droppings that these pests can leave, and this is also a good sign to check out on windows. Another good thing to know if there are termites is by knocking and hearing if the wood sounds hollow and empty on the inside already because they’re starting to munch on it.

Use Nematodes

The first thing that you might want to do is to remove it naturally. This involves the use of nematode which are worms that are good in terms of eating off these pests, and in a safe way. You can purchase these critters in garden stores, and they’re not pests to be considered. They’re really friendly.

Once you have them in your home, start a trap by using some cellulose that termites love to eat, and use a spray with cellulose for them to track it down. Place the nematodes in order for them to wait for the target as they strike down to kill them off.

If you’re concerned about keeping these nematodes since they need to be used immediately, then keep them in a fridge to preserve them well.

Use Orange

Orange oil is known to be an all natural product that came from orange peelings. This is insoluble in water which is why you can use this to spray it on the mid holes that the termites have done on the wood already. You can also pour it if you want a more concentrated amount. Rest assured that this will immediately kill the termites, plus it can deter their feeding methods which is why they will starve to death in an effective way.

Use Chemicals

There are some chemicals that you can use to kill them such as boric acid which is quite natural as well, and permethrin dust which is known to be a good instant kill for these pests.


Electrical shock is also known to be good especially when around 90,000 volts used on the wood to kill all of them in a very fast and clean way indeed.

Take note that these methods will make you act like termite control Brisbane that’s dedicated in removing these pests, and they also do these methods as well. So be sure to learn and apply these at home, and expect that you will be able to finally remove these pests, plus save you a whole lot more of your money indeed!