Termite Control Methods Explanation

There are special products and equipment that can be used for effective termite control. These things can’t provide good results if they are not properly administered. A professional pest control agent should be contacted if in case you suspect any termite infestation in your property.

What termite control professionals do is assess how severe the infestation is. The inspection helps termite control professionals find the areas of the property that need to be treated. Once this is done, the monitoring stations are replaced with termite control products and equipment.

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One of the most commonly used termite control equipment is the termite bait. These stations have poisonous chemicals that worker termites will bring back to the colony. The chemicals will spread to the nymphs, the soldiers, and the queens. The chemicals will kill the termite colony in a matter of weeks.

Chlordane is another product used for termite control. It was originally used to control ants but is now also used against termites and other insects. It is mixed with water and spread in industrial and home gardens.

Termite control experts used to conduct their inspections with the help of flashlights and screwdrivers. These days, infrared cameras do the job better. They can detect the presence of termite colonies by the heat they emit.

When a property is infected by drywood termites, microwave termite control is done. For this method to be effecive, termite detection should be accurate. Microwave termite control uses heat to kill the termites living in a wooden structure. It kills termites within a few seconds.

Some property owners prefer to utilize do-it-yourself termite control methods rather than hire professionals. These DIY methods are less potent than the ones used by professionals, but they are less effective. This means that your property will still be infested by termites if the DIY termite control method is not successful.

It is not easy to detect the presence of termite colonies. Most often than not, they already made great damage to structures before they are detected. Keep an eye for one-winged termites as they are an indication of a huge infestation. To address this situation, hire the services of Termites in Gold Coast.