Tips In Getting Your First Surfboards

You have been jealous when you see people enjoying the ocean with their surfboards. You really wished you will be like them in the future. Well, you should be if you will start now. As they say, if you are determined, there is nothing you can’t achieve. However, if you really want to become a pro on something, you should start from the beginning. Especially when it comes to surfboarding where it involves great risk and can even cause you your life, you have to see to it that you can really trust your ability already before embarking in the ocean alone. When surfboarding, you need of course a surfboard. Of course you have to get your own as the one you will need is definitely different from the ones your friends are using. Meaning, you will need a surfboard for beginners.

Now, as this probably the first time you will get your own surfboard, these following tips might be of great help:


  • Since you will only be using a beginner’s surfboard for the time being, that means if you will get the hang of this you will be using a surfboard meant for the pros, you can just get a 2nd hand surfboards. You don’t have to be so conscious about the condition of what you will get as long as it is still in good condition. Take note that you will only use that until you get better. After a number of months, you will seen be able to use an upgraded surfboard.


  • When choosing your first surfboard, the first thing that you should consider is the length. Though this might also depends on your budget but still if you can afford it, go for a surfboard that is at least 16-20 inches higher than you. You might wonder why but the reason is for the fact that it is easier to paddle and control longer surfboards.


  • Just the length and width of your chosen surfboard, the thickness also matters a lot as for surfboarders, thickness means flotation. So, when you will choose your first surfboard, choose the one that is with 2 1/2 inches of foam.


  • Again, a surfboard for the beginners must be wide for them to have an easy time navigating and paddling them. Especially that you are still trying to learn, you should choose a surfboard that is 19 inches wide.

When it comes to the availability of these surfboards, check out online as most of the suppliers have their own websites already. You might find a supplier in your area as well, try checking the yellow pages. One thing you should keep in mind though, you don’t have to choose the best looking surfboard since you will only use this for a matter of months. The important thing is you will end up with a surfboard that will help you in leveling up your learning about this sport. As long as the surfboard is in good condition, then it should be good enough for the time being.

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