Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction: Which is which?

There are always various ways in doing a single thing. Like in eating, you can eat using spoon, fork, chopsticks or even bare hands. It goes similar with carpet cleaning.

Invasive numbers of homeowners that have carpeted floors believe that steam cleaning and hot water extraction are just methods of the same type. Such people are not informed very well. Though there are qualities that make each other alike, there is still a dissimilitude between them.


So, what’s the difference?

TEMPERATURE. The system of hot water extraction uses pressurized hot water going in an upward motion. This method causes great reaction of the heated liquid. Unlike steam cleaning, it doesn’t use literal steam. A machine just blows hot water to carpet fibers and rapidly vacuums it back. The rotation cycle goes fast to clean an entire carpet in a time conscious manner. Steam cleaning also uses hot water but hotter to the point that it is broiling. It has to be extremely hot so that it could produce steam.

Which technique is better?

Depends. Several factors have to be considered in determining which way of cleaning best suits your carpet. Both can be better than each other in various ways. At the end of this article, you will know what approach is superior.

  • Kind of carpet you own. There are typically two lineage of carpet: synthetic and natural. Steam cleaning is better used for the synthetic ones. Otherwise, carpets made of natural fibers need the other way. Hot water extraction uses less amount of heat which is highly adapted in avoiding damage to every single fiber of a carpet.
  • Grade of machine. An expensive steam cleaner can definitely outdo a cheap hot water extractor. Very plain. Just like an Iphone and a 7 inch China-made phone. Comparison can easily be done.
  • The executor. If an amateur would do the carpet steam cleaning, then a carpet’s condition might just turn worse. Improper knowledge of how carpet cleaning process works can nobly lead to disastrous events. But if it goes to the antipodal side, carpet steam cleaning can make any method work. Notwithstanding the amount of heat, successful cleaning should be expected. Certified personnel who took mastery in the section of carpet cleaning is worth giving the trust.

Final Verdict

It is indeed a close fight between the two. Both have the say to be situated higher. But generally speaking, hot water extraction is a notch better than steaming. But that doesn’t mean that steam cleaning is mediocre, it just goes the second best.