Seeing from the Lens of a Wedding Photographer

Getting married soon? Then most likely you are already on the lookout for a wedding photographer. He is the person who is responsible for capturing all those tender moments and that is such a huge task. Imagine that these events can never be replicated again and once an important scene is missed out, the good memories associated with it can no longer be seen in print. That is why the wedding photographer Melbourne carries with him that responsibility of making sure that everything is well-documented through his camera lenses. The photographer carries with him different gadgets so he will be able to capture all those tender moments. If you want to learn the contents of the camera bag of a wedding photographer, then read on and you will know why it is necessary for him to carry all those camera gadgets and accessories.

1) 70-200mm f/2.8 lens or the zoom lens- this is perhaps one of the most important lenses that a photographer uses. Why? Because there are many instances when the wedding photographer may not be allowed to go near the couple such as the exchange of wedding vows. But this is a very important moment that the lens of the photographer must not miss. Thus, this lens will allow him to zoom in and see the couple closer even from a distance.

2) 24-70mm f/2.8 lens- this lens is used by the photographer is small and tight spaces. Rather than moving backwards, the wedding photographer can include in the field all the persons present and other wedding essentials. This is the wide type of lens that is perfect for small spaces.

3) 50mm f/1.2 lens- this is widely used at weddings that are celebrated towards the end of the day. Places of worship refrain wedding photographer from using the flash. But this lens will allow the photographer to take shots even at a limited available light and without the use of flash. The effect is more romantic. Now there is no more reason why tender moments cannot be captured just because of lack of flash.

4) 16-35mm f/2.8 ultra wide zoom angle lens- now this is the perfect lens for outdoor and big spaces. Everyone can be included in the picture regardless how wide the space is. Some couples ask the wedding photographer to take a picture of all the guests present in one photo. Even if you have a huge number of guests, that can be done through this kind of lens.