Say “I Do” in Vacy Hall

Do you want to marry abroad? Yes, you might want to tie the know while you are having your vacation or if you are from Australia, you might to say your “I do” in a romantic hotel like Vacy Hall. Vacy Hall is in Toowoomba and it has a lot to offer. Every person is supposed to walk the aisle only once under normal circumstance thus it is just right that this should be really well prepared. In fact, a lot of couple will spend about a year in preparing for this very special day.

A wedding embarks a lot of beginnings and marks a lot of endings as well. This is the start of a union of two people who decide that they cannot live without each other thus they are willing to leave their families behind and leave together instead and of course, this is with the consent of both families. With such a crucial event, it is just right that this will be held in a special place as well like in Vacy Hall. This is one of the best hotels in Toowoomba and in fact, this comes highly recommended. This should be a perfect spot for your wedding.

The good news is, a wedding package is one of the extras available in Vacy Hall and below are the details about it:

wedding bride

1. The cost of the wedding range from $12000 to $65000. You can invite about 30 of your close friends and also 5 from both families. Well, of course there will only be a small crowd since you are far from home and this will just be a romantic with only close friends and relatives wedding.

2. These are their flexible packages that you can avail:

• Midweek – $4500 and you can bring up to 35 people. You get to use Vacy Hall for the entire day. You can check in at 2pm though it is also okay for the bridal party to arrive at 11 am. You will be provided with a wedding coordinator on staff to assist you in your event. You will have unlimited rights when it comes to photos and videos.

• Weekend Classic – this is for $5,100. Up to 35 people can be invited. Check in time is still 2pm and bridal party can still arrive at 11am.

• Platinum – for $7850 only. One day used of the Vacy Hall and the same schedule of check in time. A coordinator will still be provided to assist in the event. You can do this any day of the week. 20 cones of rose petals will be provided by the management for your guests.

• Diamond – price is $11,950. You can use the Vacy Hall for 2 days. You can have the event any day of the week. Chairs will be provided for 50 guests.

These are just an overview of their wedding package. To know the complete details, you should check their online link. Check wedding venues Toowoomba.