Safety Tips with Skip Bins

If you have ever booked with skip bins hire, you know that they are never on time. The best of them offer a 2 hours window to come collect the skip bin. Ever wondered why would that be even with the sophisticated tracking technology today? Well, this is because many people booking the skip bins do not follow the safety guidelines that come with it.

First up, you should know what all cannot go into a skip bin. This list includes large electrical appliances like refrigerator, freezers and television, inflammables like gas bottles, tyres, oils, paints and other solvents, and other hazardous material like asbestos, clinical or medical waste and vehicle batteries. Bulky furniture items, mattresses, sand and bricks are not permitted to be put into a skip bin either. If your waste does have the above material, let your skip bins hire know upfront. They should be able to help you clear these off, for a little extra fee. If you order a Green Waste skip bins, remember only green waste goes into it – no plastic bags, soil sods, or timber products.

Other safety tips can be clubbed under “use common sense”, and may seem redundant to you when mentioned here. But let us go through these because in the rush to go about our lives we may otherwise overlook some of the simplest things.

Make sure that the skip bin is not placed over a manhole cover or another utility access point on the road. Your skip bin must be easily visible, place reflective material on the sides and, if it is foggy, place cones around it to avoid any unnecessary mishap. Also, the skip bin should not block access to your neighbors’ driveway. It should not fill up the pavement making it impossible for pedestrians to walk on.

Another simple precaution that many people neglect to take in their hurry to move on is to put everything inside the bin. If stuff is sticking out of the skip bin, there is a chance that it would hit a pedestrian or even a vehicle. That said; also make sure to not overfill the bin. Skip bin hire are within their rights to refuse to carry an overfilled skip bin – not just because it raises safety concerns, but also because it is illegal.

That is about it. Remember that just because you need to use a skip bin, does not mean others have to be inconvenienced for it. Be a good neighbor and use your common sense, rest will fall in place.

Asbestos-containing floors need to remove immediately. See to it that this will be done by professional timber floor removal service.