Roller Blinds versus Roman Blinds

Designing the interior of a house or property is not an easy thing to do, as it requires more than just choosing a colour or design. Given the number of window dressings available in the market, you surely will have quite a hard time to choose should you be a newbie. Many people get confused with such as they pretty much offer shade and privacy, looking at it in a more detailed factor will give you a better understanding of their differences.

Roller Blinds would give a better lighting control thus is a better choice to be placed in rooms that requires lighting control, although roman blinds provide such function, roller blinds have a more detailed approach in the design of slats, they have a more tighter gap in the overlapping slats thus give a better control in shutting light.

Roller Blinds flush fit in windows as compared to roman blinds that tend to hang loose or hang folds. Roman blinds tend to cover the top portion of windows as compared to Roller Blinds that flush fit in the actual window.

Roman blinds will offer a better way to shut off the light from windows as it covers the entire window including the top portions of the window.


Roller Blinds are easier to clean as the actual design and construction can be cleaned by simply wiping the slats or planks or blades with damp cloth or using a duster to do so. The materials used for the planks or blades or slats in Roller Blinds are often made of pvc or vinyl that does not absorb moist or water as compared to the fabric types that are used in roman blinds, which are often made with silk or linen or heavy fabrics like those that are used with those luxuriously designed roman blinds. Roman blinds provide a more luxurious appeal; a more sophisticated and modern look as compared to roller blinds due to the material and design in particular.

It is best that you do a more refined research prior to choosing the window dressing that you will go for, choosing between Roller Blinds and roman blinds, as each of these offer their own sets of pros and cons. There are a lot of articles posted over the internet that may jus be able to give you better understanding on what suits your needs so goes with the aesthetic approach that your house or property needs.