Pest Control – Keep Pests Away!

Disturbed with mosquitoes and flies? Pondering pest control?

You can keep hazardous mosquitoes from growing expansive populaces on your property through legitimate sanitation strategies and deterrent bug spray applications.


  • Keep your grass short
  • Prune trees and hedges to permit more daylight into the yard
  • Empty holders that load with water

Bug spray applications:

Keeping the mosquito populace controlled from the begin of the mosquito season is ideal.

Places where water assembles and you can’t deplete it, ought to be regarded with a larvicide as prescribed in the treatment segment. Containerized lakes, animal watering troughs, flower pots and different ranges that don’t have streaming water or water that can saturate the ground or into different waterways can be regarded with larvicides also.

With regards to Flies, go for all-natural, non-poisonous fly traps for this pest control Brisbane.

Asking why?

Numerous individuals are uncomfortable with having harmful pesticides recently “sticking around” their homes, particularly where pets and youngsters are available. Luckily, the pest control industry has heard and reacted to the general population’s interest for all-regular control items. These regular fly traps are an earth safe, totally non-dangerous and kid/pet benevolent contrasting option to the customary substance fly traps, without giving up adequacy.

1) Advantage Fly Trap

While other fly traps bait flies just inside 10 feet, the protected configuration of Advantage Fly Trap empowers it to draw annoyance flies from more than 30 feet away with its all regular, non-dangerous “fly meal” attractant.

Use – Outdoor, sunny ranges wherever flies are an issue.

Unique Product Features:

o          Environmentally protected recipe contains NO chemicals

o          Easy to utilize

o          Permanent unit incorporates expendable liners, making tidy up a snap!

2) Natural Catch Plus Fruit Fly Trap

Natural Catch Plus Fruit Fly Traps bait organic product flies to their death utilizing an all-regular vinegar based attractant. Just cut the highest point of Natural Catch Plus organic product fly trap with a ball point pen and place it on ledges, in organic product or heated great showcases, or wherever troublesome organic product flies are an issue. To see good results of pest control, supplant Natural Catch Plus organic product fly traps at regular intervals.

Exceptional Product Features:

o          Environmentally protected equation contains NO chemicals

o          Ready to Use-can be put right in the focal point of your organic product dish!

o          Guaranteed to lessen natural product fly populaces 70 to 80 percent or more.

3) Catchmaster Gold Stick Fly Traps

Catchmaster Gold Sticks are long tubes with a sticky glue and fly discharge attractant for catching and murdering house flies and diverse disturbance flies. Ideal for use on window ledges or hung vertically in ranges of fly movement. May likewise be utilized as a part of carports, homes, workplaces, horse shelters and stables, dumpsters and the sky is the limit from there.

Special Product Features:

o          Environmentally protected recipe contains NO chemicals.

o          Patented “clean access” punctured box is anything but difficult to utilize and handle.