Party It Up On the Beach! Use Name Badges

So you and your friends are in need of an awesome party but finding a fun venue is a problem. Why not try the beach? Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and nothing says fun like a beach party.

Invitations are your first priority. If you’re going to have a beach party, you actually need to invite people to the party. You could personalise the invitations by adding a custom badge on the cover with your party theme in it. The custom badge will make your invitation stand out and look extra special. Make sure that they will look professionally done if you do it yourself. Making it will be a fun DIY activity for you.

Food on the beach can be a little tricky. Somehow sand always finds its way into the food. To avoid sandy food, you should make all of it at home and put it in labelled containers. You can use more of your badges for this and simply labelling it with the names of the food in the containers. This will also help the containers to blend into your theme.

The custom badge will make your invitation stand out and look extra special.

Keeping hydrated in the hot Australian sun is also very important at a beach party so pack lots of drinks. You purchase some pretty disposable cups from your nearest craft shop that fit your theme. You can even buy plain cups and do all of the decorating yourself if you don’t mind the work. Keep your drinks in a beach-friendly cooler and pour them into jugs that fit your theme when it’s serving time. You could even use more of your badges to mark what the contents of each of the jugs are. Also remember to serve lots of water because dehydration is a real party pooper.

You and your friends can also plan ahead and buy one another small gifts. It is always great to leave a party with a little souvenir. You can even use more of your custom name badges to put your friend’s names on their gifts. Try to keep the gifts small and to also make sure that they are not things that could easily break during the party or in the future.

These are just a few great ideas to include in your beach party to make it great, but there is honestly an endless list of epic things you can do for your beach party.