Obtain Quick Building and Pest Inspection Quote

In order for us to know what we are going to expect, let us in on your project. After filling up a form about your property, you will be able to let us in on the task. The process of filling up the form should not take long either as it should take around 10 minutes or less depending on your knowledge of the property. We are going to require basic property knowledge in the form including the type of real estate property and the number of bathrooms it has.

house inspection

After sending out this information, you can expect the quote in no time. Even if we use high-end materials, we do our best to make our service as affordable as possible. We would not want you to spend too much on building and pest inspection because we know there are other things to spend on the old property. One close look at it and it won’t take a genius to conclude it would take a big budget to bring it back to good condition.

Experience Counts

Each member of our team has several years of experience under his belt. This means the number of mistakes he will commit to inspecting your property will be very minimal if there will be any at all. In this business, we all know experience counts so we only associate ourselves with inspectors who have been checking outbuildings for a very long time. We are aware veteran inspectors know a lot of things that rookie inspectors don’t and these are things that can’t be taught at any place that teaches building and pest inspection.

Referred by Agents

There are so many real estate agents in the country and most of them are aware that we take our building and pest inspection services seriously. It just means they want to be associated with the best and we are confident we offer nothing but high-quality service. The best part is we offer our services at a competitive price. We are not like our competitors who offer their services at high rates but don’t deliver what they are expected to deliver.

Consistently Punctual

We respect the schedule you have given to us so we always make sure to not only come on time but to come earlier than expected. We are aware you also need to have a lot of things accomplished for the day so we won’t take too much of your time.