Most Common Web Design Mistakes

If you own a small business, you probably own a website as part of your marketing and branding strategy. Visitors to your website are potential customers so it is necessary that your website is able to show your company’s identity in a positive way. This is why you need your web design to be as faultless as possible. Here are the most common web design mistakes that you should never commit:

Poor navigation

Poor navigation will leave your visitors frustrated. They came to your website to look for a specific content or information. With a web design that has poor navigation, they will most likely have a hard time finding the info they need. If this happens, they will leave your website and find the information they need elsewhere. Here is how you can make navigation around your site easier:

•    Use attractive and easy to understand icons.
•    Place important links on the top navigation bar.
•    Create a site map.

Absence of straightforward calls to action

One of the most indispensable elements of a good web design is a call to action. Use thought-provoking and compelling paragraphs but never forget to end them with a clear call to action. You should urge your visitors to buy your product, send you an email, or subscribe to your newsletters.

Using the wrong colors

When it comes to web design, it should be a priority to use highly contrasting colors. Your website should have texts that can easily be read.  Aside from this, the use of sufficient color contrast in a website helps create interesting visuals that can attract the attention of your website visitors.

No content hierarchy

People can easily lose interest and decide to scan through texts in order to find the most important details. It is therefore necessary that your web design places the most important content in parts where your visitors can easily see them. Here are some tips to follow when it comes to website content:

•    Use white space to separate content.
•    Use headings, bullets, and paragraphs.
•    Make fonts, margins, and letter spacing large enough to make reading easy.

These are just a few of the many web design mistakes found in some websites. Make sure that you do not commit these same mistakes on your web design.

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