Methods Used In Expert Carpet Cleaning Services

One mark determinant factor of a professional company is that it keeps its premises clean and tidy. Clean offices give a company an atmosphere of professionalism and competency. It is important that the facilities are managed well: all the furniture should be utilized and space optimized. It is also a major responsibility to make sure that the carpets are always clean and presentable. But leaving the task of carpet cleaning to the regular maintenance guys alone will not be enough. Removing dark stains and deep-seated dirt requires the skills of those who are specializing in carpet cleaning services.

Getting a pristine carpet can be achieved by different means. Below is a list of the techniques currently being used today:

Foam Cleaning. This type of carpet cleaning initially uses a particular type of floor buffer machine that releases shampoo onto a brush that works its way into the carpet’s threads. When the carpet has dried in about one to two hours the area is then vacuumed to remove remaining dirt. This type of carpet cleaning is easier than the others and is more commonly used for frequently used areas.

Dry Compound Cleaning. This procedure is done by depositing an absorbent, biodegradable cleaning compound into the carpet, brushed or scrubbed and then vacuumed off. A good aspect of this process is that it leaves the carpet immediately clean and dry.

Bonnet Cleaning. Club soda is mixed with cleaning product and then thinly applied onto the surface. After the procedure, it can be rinsed or replaced as required.

Encapsulation. This type of carpet cleaning is done by crystallizing dirt particles into dry residues through the use of polymers (a type of large molecule). The polymers act like tiny cleaning sponges, encapsulating dirt and makes it easier to remove. This process of carpet cleaning can be done using a rotary machine, brush applicator, or compression sprayer.

Steam Cleaning. This process is also known as hot water extraction. It starts by having a detergent-based solution to the carpet. When the solution has properly soaked in, a pressurized manual is then passed over the carpet several times, until all residues have been rinsed out. Steam cleaning is the most preferred modes of carpet cleaning services as it removes more dirt and odor and is suitable for valuable carpet.

A clean carpet is the best sign of meticulous supervision, and an office with a dusty and stained carpet will give a bad impression to its clients. You must entrust your carpets to carpet cleaning who knows the different ways of carpet cleaning.