Make Your Home Pest Free

Pests are such a pain in the ass. They tend to ruin your house and pose health risks to your children. There are a lot of natural pest control methods that you use to eliminate these pests. Natural pest controls are non-toxic and less expensive. Below are some methods that you can employ to make your home pest free:

1. Ensure that your home is clean and dry

The best technique to control pests is not to invite them into your home in the first place. Pests are often attracted to food and water. So keeping your place clean, free from crumbs and sticky spots is very important. Taking out the garbage regularly is very important as well. Proper storage of food and water should also be observed. Sweeping and vacuuming regularly is necessary too.

2. Block any possible points of entry

Possible points of entry for the pests should be blocked. Seal any cracks in your walls, baseboards, ducts, pipes and sinks. Put screens on heating and cooling vents or repair holes that can be possible entry points. Cockroaches and rodents can easily squeeze themselves even in tiny holes, so be sure to use fine screens so they will not fit in.

3. Try using chemical-free pest controls

There are physical ways to stop these pests from invading your kitchen or your entire home. You can set traps like fly papers and mouse traps. There are also fly and mosquito swatter available in the market, some of them are even battery operated. You can also use animals, like cats, to help in control pests such as rodents. There are also plants, fruits or vegetables that can be used as insect repellants. Citronella is very popular in repelling insects like mosquito. Garlic, neem oil and peppermint are some that you can use as well. There are a lot of homemade recipes available online that you can use to get rid of different kinds of pests.

4. Try using pesticides with low risk chemicals

If the chemical free controls are not working, as it should, you can also use low risk pesticides such as boric acid and fatty acid soaps.

5. Hire a pest management service provider

When all else fails, you can of course, seek the help of Natural Pest Control to deal with your pest management issues. There are certified professionals that know these pests pretty well and they know which methods will work best in eliminating the pesky pests and they also know how to prevent them from coming back.

Installing an alarm system is a must in every household against burglars and home invasion.