Job Descriptions of Web Designer

The main job description of web designer is to create a website for a business. Most of them work in different fields or industries such as culinary, education, among others. The website that they create is meant to market a particular brand or line of business so as to gain recognition online.

A web designer can conceptualize the look, the features, and layout of a website. He is knowledgeable both in the field of graphic design and computer programming. For the graphic design, the first thing a designer will do is to find out who the target market is. The design of the website will be based on what is attractive for the target market. For instance, if the target market is children, the web designer will make sure that the website is full of graphics and animations to make it interesting for children. Then, the designer will create an interface that is easy to navigate. Regardless how attractive the graphic design is but if it is not user-friendly, then the users might just look for another website that has the same line of business. The choice of which pictures and videos to include in the website is also the task of the designer. However, the website owner is also given the discretion as to which visuals to include.

After the completion of the creation of the website, the next job of the web designer is to work hand-in-hand with web developers in terms of the maintenance of the website. By maintenance, it means that updating the website with new product line, new testimonials, among others are added on the existing website.

Other duties of a web designer

Apart from conceptualizing a design for the website, the other duties are writing and editing content. Through the proper distribution of keywords, the search engines such as yahoo can recognize the website and place it among the list of choices for the category. Then, the web designer is also tasked to create backup files in case something goes wrong with the website. It is also his duty to regularly update the website and determine any technical issues.

Web designer requirements

To become a designer, he needs to undergo formal training on computer technology and basic web design. Subjects on video editing, animation, content management are just some of the areas that he needs to learn in order to become a good web designer.

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