Installing Heaters when Using a Campervan in Cold Areas

When the wintertime comes, there is one huge problem that adventurers hate to experience: heating problems. It’s a good thing to know that heaters can finally be installed in your campervans rather than using a fireplace outside your van just like in the old era. If you’re going to grab a Perth campervans for hire, you should ask this matter as well.

But for those who don’t have a heater in their campervans yet, it’s a good thing to know that there are some tips that you can follow clearly in order for you to install heaters properly in it. Here are the following:

Choosing the Heater

When finding the right heater, you must first think about one that has a thermostat for you to know if it’s the right time to use it or not. There are heaters that run on propane and diesel, and so far, the best one is the one that runs on propane as it will give you a better amount of gas to store in it. Diesel types can be efficient for your budget, but can leave a noise during the night due to its engine.


For you to get it installed, you have to choose the correct location for it. It’s best to fit it on the back part of the van to ensure that the whole van will be heated during colder temperatures. On the location where it will be installed, make sure that it’s quite hidden so then it won’t ruin the design of your campervan if you wish to go for it, then build inlets and exhaust holes on the location where you will over the heater to ensure that insulation will be provided. The holes must have a specific millimeter of 30 – 35mm. For the tubes on the holes for insulation, you must make sure that you place some paint to prevent it from corroding, and make sure that you apply it with adhesive to ensure that it won’t get loose in the long run.

Fitting the Gas and Pipes

It’s better to consult a gas fitter for this purpose if you’re not that knowledgeable in doing it by yourself. If you think you can, make sure that you fit it well by using a copper pipe, and secure it with a type of screw in order to make sure that all parts of the pipe will be shut and will provide gas properly towards the heater. All it takes is a bit of assembly throughout the van by choosing the right locations for the tubes, and make sure that the heater’s exhaust must also have a pipe placed under the van. Be sure to always separate the gas and exhaust tubes on the heater to ensure that it will work well without failing or causing accidents.

Other Tips

For the thermostat, make sure that it’s installed on a wall that’s at least near the heater for you to monitor it in a better way. As for the vent for the hot air of the heater, make sure that it’s located on a lower level inside the van since air tends to rise so then the heat will be balanced all over the van’s interior when the heater’s in use. Lastly, make sure that the heater must always be placed in a hidden location, especially if you have kids playing around.

With these valuable tips in installing a heater in your campervan, rest assured that you will be able to enjoy warmer temperatures in your vehicle when needed be.