How You Can Start Your Own Painting Business

Starting your own business will require you to put in a lot of effort and thought into it. Whatever business it may be that you are thinking of, there are certain steps that you need to take in order to make it into a reality. If you want to be one of the best commercial painters in your area or even the nation, then, here are a couple of simple steps which you must follow to start your own painting business.

It is important that you will take note of the legal requirements that you need to comply or submit to the right authorities with regards to opening up a business. In many places, commercial painters need to have business licenses in their possessions so that they will be able to conduct their everyday operations. In this case, you should contact the appropriate local government unit that oversees the business and trade in your area.

You also need to have a certain amount of money to serve as your capital funds. With your capital, you will be able to pay off the costs of acquiring the necessary materials or leasing a business space. There are two ways to get these funds. First, you can save up some money and take your capital from your savings account. Second, you can apply for a business loan from the local bank that you trust. Most entrepreneurs would usually go with the second method, though.

Once you already have the funds, then, you should look for a reliable painting supply store where you can purchase all necessary equipment for your business. These usually include ladders, paint brushes, rollers, scrapers, taping knives, masks, gloves, uniforms, and others. You also need a company van which you can purchase or rent, depending on the money that you currently have.

You can do the work by yourself or hire employees. Commercial painters usually start small but, eventually, they hire a good number of employees so that they can finish more projects. In that case, you should also hire several employees and make sure that you can pay for their salaries. You have to look for skilled and reliable employees. They must also have good personalities and, most preferably, with clean criminal records for your own peace of mind. Employees do not only include those who will personally perform the painting jobs, though. You might also need an accountant, a receptionist, a secretary, or the likes.

It is important for any business entrepreneur to purchase a general liability insurance policy and also a workers compensation insurance policy from a trusted insurance company. This is especially true when the business operations involve activities where there is a higher possibility of accidents resulting to injuries and damages to the property. These policies will prevent you from being held liable monetarily for such results.

After the establishment of the business, you have to promote your service. You can print out posters and distribute them, give your business cards to potential clients, or put up painting project bids in commercial construction sites. Whatever method you will use, your aim is to let others know your service.

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