How to make an effective corporate video

A corporate video production is a video that is commonly used by businesses or organizations in order to educate or inform viewers or to promote products or services. These are often produced at a high quality and sometimes are viewed by a different range of audiences. Although a corporate video production is more likely to be shown for employees within a company or students introduced to lessons, trainings or orientations, these can also be found in the form of commercials, video streaming tutorials and the like. These videos follow three simple steps in creating the most effective corporate video production.

Target the right audience

During the brainstorming stage of the product, service or idea for the video, the people behind the corporate video production team takes into consideration the audience. The audience is important as these are the people who will be watching the video and there are certain likes and dislikes an audience could have. Usually, the factors which involve choosing the audience are identified as age, interest and possibly even today’s current trends. These factors help identifying the right audience for a planned video. Once an audience has been identified, other considerations and ideas are put into the plan and the project can be started.


In order for a corporate video production to be successful and effective, demonstration is the key. With the medium already in video form, videos can clearly show and demonstrate what people need to see in order for them to learn the product, service or information. The saying “to see is to believe” should be strongly epitomized in the video in order to draw in the target viewers of whatever information is relayed via the media. A common example of this is a commercial about laundry soaps which feature demonstrations to let the audience see what their product can do.


People who can relate with a corporate video production is deemed as a success. Regardless of if the video is comedic, romantic or dramatic, if it allows the viewers to empathize with the short film, then there is a positive chance that people will be drawn to the product or service. On the other hand, if relaying information is what the video is after and it draws emotions from the viewers and leading them to apply what they have seen, then it is another fruitful corporate video production.