How to Get Great Video Production

Grabbing the camera and shooting randomly might work sometimes, but for great video production, you need to be a little more prepared.

Having a plan will also help in getting high-quality videos. These six steps will help you find inspiration and have a solid guideline for your next video.

Muse vs. practical inspiration

In your mind you have already envisioned the whole thing from the opening title to the closing edits. This is a creative inspiration. You think that you can keep in your mind all those great shots, but things change when the camera starts. So why not writing a list with inspired shots that will help you while the practical part of your inspiration moves front and center?

First, make up your mind on what you want to do, and differentiate that from what you can do. Ask yourself if you can pull that off, if you have enough money for it, if you can find the right location or if you have the necessary level of commitment and inspiration to carry through.

Setting your project expectations, putting them on paper and making decisions will give you a sense of direction and purpose, as well as confidence. Be inspired, but at the same time be practical.


For any video production, you need to establish the needs. You have the outline, you are focused, but you also need to set your needs, because sometimes even the basics can be overlooked.

You need the camera and its accessories, redundancy of backup, set the length of your production, and how much tape, blank disks, portable hard drives or solid state cards you need. There are a lot of needs that are not so obvious as you might think. So take the time and establish what your needs are and this way you will avoid overlooking the essential tools to your acquisition success

What and how

Figure out what type of video production you want. Who will be the subjects, what type of video you will make and what kind of approach and style do you need? You will also need a script if you have a dialogue. It can also be just an outline of what you want to happen and what has to be said and by whom.

You will see that determining what you want to do with the inspiration you get and know its practicality, what you have to do to make it happen, how you want it to look like and how you will put it all together, will make all the difference in your video production. This will be supported by the confidence given by planning. Yes, a surprise is always welcomed. But you want a pleasant one, not one that knocks you off your feet. Plan, keep yourself focused, use the steps mentioned above and you will see that what you do is not only fun but also successful and satisfying. The more you plan ahead, the more flexible you will be when good things start turning your production into joy rather than a job.

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