How to Choose the Right Wakeboard

When it comes to wakeboarding, having the right gear makes a big difference. If you have the wakeboarding skills, you can still boost it by using the Liquid Force wake boards. Here are some tips on finding the best wakeboards:

1.    Label – Wakeboards are labeled according to skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Tournament level wakeboards are not advisable to be used by amateur wake boarders. Tournament level wakeboards are usually too fast and too loose for beginners. They also cost a lot more because they have more complicated designs. Beginners who are still trying to learn their first tricks should use wakeboards that are slower and will make learning a lot easier.

2.    Size – Your weight and height should be considered when you are choosing wakeboards. Their size should be just right for your body. Wakeboards that are too small for you will sink, therefore you won’t have enough control on your ride. Wakeboards that are too big for you will be very hard to lift and spin. Manufacturers have size charts that you can consult for proper height to length ratios.

3.    Style – Wake boarders have different way of riding. Slalo skiers will need a single tip board which has a square shaped back and a narrow front. Snowboarders and skateboarders that sometimes prefer to switch their forward fit should use a twin-tip board with rounded ends.

4.    Fin – The fins prevent wakeboards from rotating on their own while on the water. Fins enable the rider to control the board as to the direction it is heading. Beginners should use wakeboards that have deeper fins while those who have been wake boarding for some time can use shallower fins.

5.    Trial – The best way to find the best wakeboards is to test different types. Shops are now allowing their customers to try their demo boards before they actually make a purchase.

When buying wakeboards, it is best to buy from local shops so when they break or some issues arise, you can easily bring them to the shop. Trying out different wakeboards before buying them can sometimes cost some testing fee but it is best to pay this small amount rather than suffer the consequences of using the wrong board.


The height and weight of the skier are the two main things that you need consider when buying wakeboards and water skis.