How to Care for your Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses for correcting vision. They’re used by many people but unlike glasses contact lenses carry the additional risk of eye infection. The risk exists whether you use branded lenses like Air Optix contact lenses or other lesser known brands. Hence you need to take proper care of them in order to minimize this risk. Other factors which may contribute are wearing your contacts for too long, dryness of the eyes and environmental conditions. Following are a few steps you can take to ensure you minimize the risk of an eye infection due to poor handling of your lenses.


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Wash your hands

Make sure you wash your hands before you touch your eyes or handle your contact lenses. You should use a mild soap which doesn’t leave any file on your hands as this may transfer to your lenses and irritate your eyes. Upon washing your hands you should dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth that is lint free.

Avoid contact with water

Keep your contacts as far away from water as possible. Don’t swim or shower with them. You should also avoid putting your lenses in your mouth. Saliva may contact some substances or bacteria which may irritate your eyes or cause an infection.

Store the lenses in sterile solution

When not in use you should store the lenses in a sterile solution as recommended by your optician. Don’t store them in saline solution or tap water. Many brands including the Air Optix contact lenses have recommended solutions that you should use. It’s a good idea to use the solution which is recommended for your lenses.

Disinfect your lenses

You may occasionally drop your lenses or they may fall out. If they do you should disinfect them before putting them back in your eyes. Use eye drop, a disinfecting solution or an enzymatic cleaner that’s recommended by your optician. Don’t use tap water or place them in your mouth to clean them. You may get an infection which could even potentially cause damage to your vision.

Replace your lenses frequently

Most lenses have a recommended life span of 30 days. After the 30 days passes you should replace them. Don’t use old lenses so as to avoid the risk of infection. You should also replace your storage unit at least every 3 months. Different brands come with their own casing such as the Air Optix contact lenses. Just make sure that the enclosure is air tight and made of a no-corrosive material.