How to Become a College Cleaner

Are you still unsure of what to do with your life? Have you been rejected with all your job applications? Do not be discouraged there are still a lot of opportunities out there for you. And being a college cleaner is one of them. Although the job listing for college cleaners may be looked down upon at first glance, it is a truly satisfying and great job that would open doors for greater possibilities. Here are some things you might not know about it and some things you need to know once you decide you want to try it out.

Benefits of being college cleaners:

  1. Unlike regular janitors, you will have the chance to work within the prestigious colleges. Therefore, you will live in the city and among very important people. Therefore, you will be offered greater pay at the very least 7.50 pounds per hour of work again more than what regular janitors receive.
  1. You will work under a supervisor. Working in these kinds of colleges, it means that the work may be very demanding. It needs great time management skills and good public relation skills. Therefore, you will be trained to be a professional and have very good attention to small details. After undergoing training, you are then expected to carry out tasks such as cleaning rooms within 20 minutes which include refitting the beddings, organizing closets among other things You are also expected to clean the other facilities such as lounge rooms, meeting rooms etc. As you can see he skills are very high which means that after being college cleaners, your experience can allow you to work for other companies such as high end hotels and casinos
  1. You will only be working 4 hours per shift for 5 days a week. Moreover, the days you are required are given the week before. Thus you can almost always plan your shifts and schedule other activities or work for other jobs and earn more money while doing this.

Requirements and application process

  1. No strict rules for educational background required. Experience in cleaning, good eye for detail and good service skills and trainability are favored.
  1. Some colleges require to submit curriculum vitae before they schedule you for an interview. Make sure these include previous experiences in cleaning if you have any.
  1. Some colleges require that you will have a week of training before you are accepted as one of the full-fledged college cleaners.

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