How Do you Know if your Car Cattery is Dead

Your car’s heart is the battery. Without it, the vehicle will not have the power to do anything. That is why it is very important to know something about it, especially the signs when it is time to have it replaced.

A battery has a life expectancy of up to 3 years, even if the manufacturer will tell you that it will last for 5 years. But a battery also needs the help of the alternator, the solenoid, the starter, the battery terminals and the cables to do its job. You should buy a new battery every 3 years before you start having problems with it.

So how could you know that you have to change your car battery?

Engine Cranks But Doesn’t Start

You turn the key, the engine cranks, but it won’t start. Although the ammeter shows that the battery is good, even a few volts missing might prevent your car from starting. You will need a jump-starter box or jumper cables to get your car running again. After starting your car, disconnect the cable and let the engine run for half an hour so that the alternator has time to charge your battery. After doing this your car should work fine a day or two, but you’d better use this time to buy a new car battery.

No Crank, No Start, No Lights

In this case, it is obvious that your battery is dead because it is the one that powers the lights and other accessories of your car. You should also know that in this case, when you car does not even have enough power to work the lights, it might also have a problem with the alternator.

One Day It Starts Fine, the Next Day It Won’t

If you car starts today but tomorrow it won’t, this might mean two things. Either the battery terminals are broken, loose, calcified, corroded or you have a parasitic draw, which means that the power is drained by something else or that a wire touches something it shouldn’t. First, check the battery cables making sure they are fit firmly and tight.

Cold Cranking Is Hard Work

Each car battery has a label with a number for Cold Cranking Amps. These amps are the ones who give the battery the energy to get your car started for the first time of the day, also known as cold cranking.

So if you have troubles starting your car in the morning for more than three times in a week, your battery is trying to tell you something. Also, pay attention to the temperature outside. If it’s really cold, it’s normal for our car to hang back and start with difficulty.

Another thing to consider is that the battery was not the right size for your car. Make sure that you ask an experienced mechanic or an auto parts store what level of voltage and Cold Cranking Amps your car needs. A battery that is too small will not have enough power to start your car.

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