Hotels In Denarau Island

There are many hotels best to stay in Denarau Island. They come in good package inclusions, great amenities, price ranges, conducive location etc. Below are few of the names of hotels that you can check out:

Radisson Blu Resort Fini Denarau Island

Radisson is one of the Denarau Island hotels that could provide you luxury accommodation. You need not to worry about the price, since they give discounts to ensure that their price range can be affordable enough for people.

They have 268 available rooms to accommodate larger population. They have indoor spa where you can pamper yourself and feel perfectly relaxed before or after you step out of the hotel to experience the entire Denarau Island. They not just have one or two restaurants but 6! Enjoy outdoor swimming and so much more in Radisson. This is definitely one of the best Denarau Island hotels you can consider.

The Terraces Apartments Resort

An apartment hotel best for you and your entire family to consider when you visit Denarau. This is one of Denarau Island hotels where you can feel almost close to home. You have everything you can see in a home, refrigerator, kitchen, receiving area and more. You would never feel away from home,.

They only have limited number of rooms, 30 to be exact, to ensure that they can provide their guests the assistance and tranquility they look for in a vacation or holiday.

Sheraton Denarau Villas

82 rooms perfect to accommodate good number of vacationists or guests. Expect great spas and restaurants to complete your stay. Splash in to either one of their two swimming pools and make the most out of your holiday. Enjoy your accommodation with a 32 inch LCD television, internet access, own refrigerator and so much more. You know that you will not get deprived of great amenities in Sheraton.

Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa

One of great Denarau Island hotels where you can experience true luxury is in Sofitel. You know that you will never go wrong choosing this 5 star resort on your holiday in Denarau. Your expectations will definitely be sealed with the great offerings you can only experience in Sofitel. They have almost everything, swimming pools, spa, restaurants, bars and a lot more, what more could you ask for.

There are definitely a lot of Denarau Island activities that is worth checking out. You will never regret spending your nights in the Island.