Handmade Gifts For Women That Are Unique

If you are always having a hard time thinking of a perfect present for your loved ones and you want to make sure it is unique, try handmade gifts for women. There are so many gift ideas you can think of and the best thing about them is that making the gifts can also mean spending some quality time with your kids. You will not also worry about coming across the same present as you are sure that you made it yourself.

Gifts Ideas For Her

  • Handmade Footprint T-Shirt

This is very simple to make and even kids can do them. The materials you need to prepare are white T-shirt, fabric paint, cardboard, paint brush and Styrofoam. You need to start by laying the shirt out and make sure that it is a flat surface so you can design it evenly. With newspaper, cover the area around your shirt to protect it from paint splatters. You also need to protect the back portion of the shirt from leak by placing a cardboard inside the shirt. Put some fabric paint onto the shallow dish or Styrofoam plate. Make sure that it covers the entire plate. Step onto the shirt to make a footprint and let your kids do the same thing. Do not move the shirt until the paint is completely dry. You can choose the graphic designs you want depending on the occasion.

  • Flower Pen

You will need green floral tape, scissors, plastic or silk flower with stem and pen to make a flower pen. This is also one of the simple handmade gifts for women. First, you hold the flower next to your pen and make sure that the flower is placed right on the end of the pen. The flower stem should be clipped and should be 2 inches above the tip of your pen. The leaves from the flower must be removed first. You also need to wrap the stem using the floral tape. Your pen and flower will be secured this way. Make sure that you wind the floral tape neatly. You can also use glue to ensure that it is held in place.

  • Button Jewelry

This jewelry can be crafted using beads, scissors, buttons, stretch cord or elastic thread. Measure the elastic thread or cord by holding it around your finger, neck or wrist. The piece needs to be longer by 6 inches than what you have measured. Using a bead or button, string them and once done tie the end to make sure they are secured. Tie the two ends together once you have achieved the desired number of beads or buttons. You may also add some charms to your button or bead jewelry. This gives you fabulous handmade gifts for women.