Going for Photo Booth Hire – Choose One from These Types

Thinking of photo booth hire was a rare idea in the earlier days, but now most of the people are hiring these services. These have become so affordable that most of the functions will not be done without this kind of photo booth. If you are also planning to photo booth hire, then you should first, try to make sure that which kind of photo booth are you looking for. This decision has to be made based on the number of people that will be attending the function and what is the theme of the function.

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  • The first question that you should ask yourself in photo booth hire is, are these photo booths suitable for your function. You should think twice before you are hiring this kind of services and this is very important. These photo booths are good for all age groups of people, but the only problem that you may face is if your guests would like to get the pictures clicked in the open air only. If the answer is yes, then these photo booths are just for you.
  • Open air photo booths are for those people who want the photo to be clicked in the open air, You will just have to stand behind one background and you are done. This is very simple and interesting as well.
  • You also have pop up style photo booth hire and these photo booths are ideal for those people who want to click pictures in groups. You can pictures of groups of more than 10 people also.
  • Drape and pop are another kind of photo booths that are suitable for those who want to click pictures of a group of people who are more than 15. The four sides are closed, but the top is open.
  • The Traditional photo booths are for those who want to click vintage style photos. But this kind of photo booths are suitable for only 2 or 3 people at a time. You will not be able take group photos in this kind of photo booths.

So, now it is your turn to choose which photo booth hire is the right kind of photo booth for you and you will be able to decide this when you are aware about the number of people that are going to attend the function. Having information about the number of guests that are going to attend will help you better. Then contact the team now for a no obligation quote. Check their website – http://www.coolphotoboothhire.com.au/.