Getting the Right Water Skis

Water skiing is one of the most popular aqua sports. Men and women alike engage in this kind of aqua sports and the level of the skier has the appropriate water skis. The beginners must choose a ski that has a wider body for easy control and balance. The most essential considerations when buying skis are the skier’s physique- his weight and his height.



If the skier is still learning the water sport, it is better to study with the use of a single ski which is part of a combo pair. This is because these types of water skis have wider bodies and more surface area making it easier to balance and maneuver the ski. The combo skis are ideal for person who weighs ninety pounds or over. These can be used by everyone regardless of weight.

However if the beginner skier has already mastered and is already comfortable to maneuver the single water skis, it is now time to level-up and choose a slalom water ski. When choosing a slalom water ski, the skier must think if he will ski how many times in a week that he intends to do the aqua sports and the level of aggressiveness that he intends to do on the water. If he will ski at least twice a month, it is advisable that he chooses an intermediate to advanced levy type of slalom water skis. If the skier intends to ski less than twice a month, it is advisable that the person buys the single- combination slalom skis. The advanced or those who join competitions use the advanced slalom skis as these types of waters skis provide faster and sharper curves.

Size chart

The beginners and the intermediate skiers must choose the skis with wider bodies so they can control it easier and the boat can move at a slow speed. But these types of waters skis are harder to maneuver in making turns. For the traditional slalom skis, the beginners/intermediates must look for the water skis that have narrow center tunnel concave and with a flex level that is soft. This will make turns easier to make. It is the soft flex pattern that can absorb the strong waves.

For a more aggressive ride, the water skis that are made with edge concave and narrow tails are the factors to consider. The material that is used is graphite making it stiffer and very ideal for advanced skiers.

These are the things that you need to consider when looking for the right water skis for you. You should contact the number 1 supplier for branded waterskis and wakeboards.