General Awareness On Industrial Deafness Compensation

Hearing loss is a common condition which affects in excess of 30 million people in America. Hearing loss does not only affect those over 65 years old, but also younger people. 14% of 45-64 year olds suffer from hearing loss of some kind. Hearing loss can be damaging to someone’s entire life, and so it needs to be resolved. Hearing loss at work Hearing loss can lead to miscommunication with co-workers and prevent you from participating fully at meetings. Co-workers may become frustrated from having to repeat themselves or at your lack of participation. Communication problems lead to lower work productivity, which can be construed as your incompetence at the job. Ultimately, untreated hearing loss at work can cause financial loss to the company and can even cost you your job.

The Facts About Hearing Loss or Industrial Deafness

Hearing loss and relationships Hearing loss can have a negative effect on relationships with friends and family. Turning up the volume on the television or stereo can be too noisy for others. People may become irritated or frustrated if you keep asking them to repeat themselves. As the hearing loss worsens, you may withdraw from conversations and become less sociable. Eventually, you may experience sadness or depression as others communicate less with you. How to know if you have hearing loss You may not recognize the early signs of hearing loss. Most hearing loss is a gradual process and over time you will begin to stop hearing softer noises or those of a different pitch. You may be asking people to speak up or you may turn up the volume on your television and stereo. Often you may hear fine in a quiet environment but have trouble hearing when there are background noises. You may begin to think that others are mumbling when you can’t make out all the words. Eventually, you find yourself communicating better when you are looking at the other person’s face.

Industrial deafness compensation is a mandated program from the government in pursuant to the labor law to help the laborers get the pay they deserve. But the hearing loss should be the result of the employment. It is called as the industrial deafness because the disease arising out of the working conditions.

For the employer to be held liable, it should be proven that the employer did not provide safety measures to the employee. The employer should be negligent. As to the amount of industrial deafness compensation, a hearing professional will perform test to find out how severe your hearing loss is.