Finding Support for a Family Provision Claim

The passing of a beloved is definitely hard to handle for all those left behind. There are some instances that the spouse, the child, or any dependent may find that something contestable in the will left by their dearly departed or that the estate might not be enough to cover their daily needs. In that case, they can consider filing a claim for family provision.

First thing you need to consider after the will has been read by the lawyer, is whether you are eligible to file for claim for family provision.

People who are eligible include:

  • the spouse of the deceased
  • a person who was together with the deceased in a de facto relationship 
  • a child of the deceased (including an adopted child)
  • a former spouse of the deceased
  •  a grandchild of the deceased 
  • any person who was in a close relationship with the deceased or was a dependent of the deceased 

Who can you turn to for support?

Yes, there are companies in Australia that can help and support your fight for family provision. When looking for an attorney which will help you get through this arduous process, it’s best to look for the following things:


You should find a professional who will listen and understand where you are coming from. The lawyer should be sensitive enough with what you are going through. First, the passing of a beloved is difficult to handle, add to that the agony of filing the claim.


The claim for family provision is a complex legal process that not everyone can easily understand. The right support person will have the necessary patience to carefully explain all the intricate details of your case.


It is just fair that you look for a person or an organisation that will be honest enough to tell you what you need to know.


Handling your case with high confidentiality is a must, especially since it involves assets and finances. It is necessary that all pertinent information disclosed should be kept private.