Finance: Australian Department’s Working

Every country that has been discovered or governed by leaders of the world has to be put through different circumstances that either make or break the country. Finance is perhaps the most important stake holder for every government. Australia is a land of prosperity with its GDP constantly rising because of mixed inter mingled markets working coherently to keep the ratio of imports and exports balanced, Australia produces many cash crops, staple food and items which are exported all over the world. Every successful government needs to take refinement and remedial actions when making Finance department to keep the status situated and in the time of need these departments work extensively to drive out the problems.

History is witness to many countries around the world with improper management of their Finance thus causing grief to the public informs of external debts from the world banks, whenever a country is victim to debt from the bank there is a requirement of paying constant installments thus destabilizing the economy causing heinous problems. Poverty is a plague which consumes the base of any nation; Australia has been keen to eradicate such issues by empowering the finance departments in full autonomy so that they carry out their functions without any sort of pressure.

The Finance department in Australia is responsible for different functions in the country with their hands tied up and spread all over the key issue. These departments keep a constant check on the countries Asset. They oversee the projects pursed by the regime of the country and decide on matters whether they should be continued or abandoned by calculating the overall profit and loss graphs. The finance department is also responsible for making proper audit and management of the prime minister’s personal properties all over the countries.

Finance is the driver of any country and without it, everything can perish with the blink of an eye, the department is the main tree with its branches hanging out in different horizons across the country in shape of all the other organizations such as the commonwealth department of Australia. The department makes crucial policies and devises foreign investment plans for the commonwealth to follow. The electoral department is also accountable to the finance department of Australia by providing accountability for every cent it spends in times of elections and different events. To pull the curtain, many nations have seized to manipulate this department because of selfish approaches and have cause large volumes of distress.