Features of BMX Australia

BMX is an extreme sport and it means bicycle moto cross. The BMX Australia is designed specifically for the use of motor cross as a sport or as a hobby. BMX is already part of the Olympic game since 2008.

The history of BMX

BMX was developed in the 1960’s in California where motor cross was very popular. Motor cross is a sport that uses off road motorcycle and usually held on hills, on tracks that are muddy and dirt roads where the participants race and perform some stunts.

The development

The first types of bikes that motor cross racers used were the transport type of bikes. But these types of bikes are not well-suited in the motor cross racing, thus the BMX Australia bikes were developed to adapt to the needs of the motor cross racing.

Key features of BMX Australia

The most distinguishing feature of BMX bikes is its size. BMX bikes are made smaller as compared to road or mountain bikes. The BMX bike is also designed with just one fixed gear to make it easier to race in a muddy and dirty bike race track. BMX Australia also has a twenty inch wheel across the range plus higher handle bars for the racers to maintain an upright position while racing.

Variations of BMX Australia

The BMX bikes were developed for racing use, but there are variations as the sport can be done on different dirty road conditions such as flatlands or bumpy roads. The freestyle BMX category refers to competitions that are held on flatlands. The dirt jump BMX, on the other hand, refers to competitions that are held on bumpy roads. The BMX Australia bikes that are used for the free style category have an extra duty and tougher frames, axel pegs which enables riders to stand-up above the wheels of the BMX bikes, and a headset that can be found on the handlebars so they can spin at three hundred degrees. The BMX Australia bikes for the dirt jump category have knobbed tires, heavy duty frames, and a break at the back.

BMX racing is a good sport activity. It develops the whole body-  legs are used to pedal while the upper body is used to maneuver the BMX bikes and perform stunts. You can but BMX Australia bikes online and choose the one that will suit your style of riding- either on a flat land or on bumpy dirt roads.