Features and Benefits of Timber Flooring

When you are doing your home renovation and designs on your new home or even just a space in your home, you need to ask questions like; what flooring should you use? How much do you want or eager to spend for that? How easy or difficult will that be to install? What is the maintenance?

Well, you can think one of your options is Timber flooring. There are different advantages of timber flooring that you may want to look at or read. This is important for those planning and has timber floorings too. Read on:

Saves Cash

Timber flooring saves you few bucks or no, lots of cash as they are long lasting and especially if you find the right installer and you know how to maintenance these.

Easy to clean

Who would want flooring that is very difficult to handle? Timber flooring is known to not stain, not maintain odors, mites and dusts. So it means it is really not that hard to clean and maintenance it.

Soft for the feet

Yes, timber flooring is ideal for those having arthritis or difficulty in walking. Cement is a no-no for them. You have to clean and maintain it and then it gives you clean, safe and wonderful feeling just by walking at it.


Why eco-friendly? There are sometimes when you can just reuse an old timber flooring to save cash and discount. This is actually okay especially for artsy individuals who love to design so badly. They can use their skills here. What is actually good here is that timber floorings are recyclable so it can be used a second or even third time depending how it was used and will be used.


When you decide to go for timber flooring, you need to consider the hardness, color, grade, shrinking or expansion natural and board’s width or length of the flooring. There are different hardware shop that offers and even helpful assistants that could assist you with this. You might prefer a grade showing insect markings, bubble gums markings and so on and so forth. You need to choose a timber with great properties and look. In hardness, note that the higher the number of it on a timber, the harder it is. It is actually depending on your taste or need on what to get for timber flooring. You need to choose Perth timber flooring wisely.