Family Holiday In Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small island located between New Zealand, Australia, and New Caledonia. It is a lush island filled with pine trees surrounded by beaches and jagged cliffs. It is a beautiful island to take your family for a holiday.

There is different Norfolk Island family accommodation available. Depending on your budget and needs, different accommodations are available.

How to get there

Norfolk Island is not a territory of Australia so do remember to take bring your passport with you.

Via air, Norfolk Island is serviced by Air New Zealand. Flights operate twice a week. Via sea, there are some cruise ships and sailing vessels travelling to Norfolk Island, but this is infrequent.

Activities in Norfolk Island

Being a peaceful island doesn’t mean that the island is boring. There are different activities you can choose from to enjoy with your family.

You can have nature-based activities with your kids. Inhale the fresh air available in the island. Let the children see the animals up close in their natural environment. Kids can also enjoy the beach and snorkel.

Norfolk Island can transport you back in time where holidays are moments to really bond with the family.

Considerations in selecting family accommodations on Norfolk island

Price – budget is important to consider when choosing a resort. There are cheap resorts available and there is some expensive one. You can choose to stay in a cheap resorts or splurge on the expensive ones, either way the island can ensure that you get the relaxation that you need.

Amenities – the higher the cost the greater the amenities. Some resorts may have some pool, bars, cafes, and tours available. Some may not have you can inquire from the resort before booking.

Child-friendliness – having children with you it is important that your family accommodation on Norfolk Island is child friendly. You want to be able to relax knowing that your kids are in a safe environment.

Where to stay

There are different types of family accommodation on Norfolk Island. There are houses, apartments, hotels, bed and breakfast and hostels. You can check online on the accommodation which suits your needs. It is important to take note that you have a pre-booked accommodation in order to pass through the immigration. You can also check with your hotel, before you arrive, if you can arrange an airport transfer to your hotel.

If you are thinking of having a holiday with your family, you should consider going to Norfolk Island. With its rich history and beauty everyone are sure to have a grand time in the island.

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